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EZTRIM At Oaksterdam

EZTRIM recently provided Oaksterdam with a Satellite SL and Debudder and flew out to Oakland to show them how to you use it. Oaksterdam is an incredible organization and we are proud to be able to work with …

Press Release: THC4 Product Unveiling

Press Release
We are incredibly excited to release the THC4 out into the world today. This is our pioneer expedition into the world of growing rather than harvesting and we expect this product to make a huge …

MJ Business Daily Article 2016: Interview With The Founder of EZTRIM Joe Black

Joe Black founded EZTRIM in 2010, knowing there had to be a better way to harvest and trim cannabis.  Frustrated with the technology that was currently on the market, Joe began developing the Satellite trimmer out of his garage.  Six …

EZTRIM Article 08.08.16

Founder/owner/inventor Joe Black is bringing efficiency to the cannabis industry with leading-edge technology. After working as a general contractor and flipping houses, Black saw business grind to a halt in 2008. “The market dried up,” he says. After construction went …

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Consulting  & Implementation

EZTRIM is the only company that gives you the control and adjustabiltity needed to achieve that high level quality regardless of strains or growing methods.

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