Cannabis Trimmers Don’t Guarantee Success


The key to a successful and profitable cannabis or hemp harvest is to reduce the amount of handling and touch up required prior to packaging.

Using Cannabis and hemp trimming equipment in your facility does not guarantee increased efficiency, without a tried and true HAVRVEST PROCESS. EZ Trim Harvesting and Consulting provides the industries best EQUIPMENT and a PROCESS that significantly lowers your cost to produce per pound, while simultaneously improving yields and bud quality. 

Regardless of the cannabis trimming machine you are currently using or the size of your harvest, if you handle and touch up 70-80% of the buds prior to packaging, you are not harvesting as efficiently and profitably as you could be.

EZ Trim is a Colorado based company that for the last 12 years has developed a cannabis HARVESTING PROCESS and EQUIPMENT that reduces handling and touch up from 70-80% down to 20-30%.

Whether you prefer to trim wet or dry, have a large staff or small, our products and services can be tailored to compliment your unique situation and current resources.

When you factor all the steps of the harvesting process, including: Defanning, cutting, weighing, drying, bucking, trimming, touching up, curing and packaging. Reducing the handling through this process is what increases profitability.

Ask yourself, if there was a company that provided a HARVEST PROCESS and EQUIPMENT that cost less, produced better bud quality, offered onsite consulting, was built by growers, and had a money back guarantee, would you have anything to lose?