The Bud Sorter lets you accurately, efficiently, and safely sort your buds into shake, popcorn, small, medium, and large buds. Without vibration or moving parts, your buds stay in pristine condition. The Bud Sorter is typically used as a quality control station. As the buds come out of the trimmer they are loaded onto the sorter for a quick inspection and any necessary touch-up. From there they are sorted by brushing the product down the grates and into their appropriate container.



Sorter – $5,000

The Bud Sorter is intended to be utilized post trimming (when trimming dry) and pre-drying (when trimming wet). Additional grates can be custom made to your preferred size. The Bud Sorter will increase your packaging efficiency whether you are doing grams, eighths, or pounds. It will also increase consistency during the trimming and drying processes.

The Sorter comes with the 5 standard grates sizes listed below:

  • 1/4”
  • 1/2”
  • 7/8”
  • 1 1/8″
  • 1 5/8″

Custom Grate Size Substition – $300/each

Weight: 115 lbs.

Ship weight: 150 lbs.

Assembled Dimensions: 90″L x 24″w x 48″H

Ship Dimensions: 84″L x 32″W x 53″H

Production (single operator): >1lb / <1 minute

MSRP: $ 5,000.00

Materials Exposed to Plants:

Aluminum 6061 – FG; Stainless Steel – FG; Plastic Totes – HDPE 

UL Certified Components:




“Ez Trim’s harvesting system provides SUPERIOR PRESENTATION AND POTENCY OVER MANUAL TRIMMING METHODS when the components are adjusted accurately and quality plants are properly prepped.”

– Joe Black, Inventor, Founder & Current President of Ez Trim Harvesting


Please contact us if you are not experiencing these results. We know we can help!!!


Check out our Shuck to Shelf SOP for instructions on the use and maintenance of the Sorter.