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The Satellite is hands down the best commercial bud trimmer on the market!


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The Satellite and Satellite (SL) are hands down the world's best commercial wet & dry leaf trimmers. With it's combination of vortex, rotor and filtration technologies, both the Satellite and (SL) provide unsurpassed trim quality, speed and functionality. Satellite and (SL) are proudly made in the U.S.A. and come with a 1-year warranty. The only difference between the (SL) and Satellite is that the (SL) does not come with a transport bag, speakers, side tray tables, and extra kief catcher.

The EZTRIM Satellite is the only trimmer on the market that comes standard with a wet and dry trimming option. The speed, quality, and control provided by this machine make it the real connoisseur’s choice for trim machines.


  • 20-30lbs/hr for wet and dry trimming (wet trimming in wet weight)
  • Finish 2/3rd of a pound in 1-2 minutes (including loading/unloading)


  • Height and Speed of the Blade
  • Direction and Speed of the Fingers
  • Batch Times
  • Trim Filtration Options
  • Air Flow Control
  • Music/Noise

Included Accessories

  • Transport Bag
  • Wheels
  • Kief Catching Tray
  • Side Tray Tables
  • Durable and Collapsible Stand
  • Speakers

Important Information

  • Complete quality control by hand before the next batch is finished running (Get hand trim quality with machine speed)
  • Quadruple Filtered Trim Collection, makes excellent concentrates


  • Input Voltage – 115 Volts
  • Current Draw – 10.9 Amps Max, 9.5 Amps Continuous
  • Hertz – 60

Size / Weight

  • 24” Diameter Drum
  • Assembled Dimensions with outstretched tables – 48”x64”x29”
  • Carrying Case Dimensions 27”x27”x27”
  • Only 105lbs


Why Shorter Batch Times Are Important When Machine Trimming

One of the biggest concerns when deciding to use trim machines is maintaining the potency on your buds. Few things are more frustrating than ruining two months of hard work for any reason. Most trim machines out there are known for damaging the buds and taking too many trichomes off the buds. The reason for […]

Tutorial Videos

How to replace the rotor motor in the control box of your EZTRIM Satellite.

This video shows you how to use the EZTRIM Satellite when trimming dried product. Trim 100g every 30 sec.

This video shows you how to properly operate the Satellite and Drone. Including the assembly line process and the 5 stations within.

This instructional video discusses how to easily sharpen the blade of the Satellite.

This instructional video shows you how to easily clean the Satellite or Drone.

This video shows you how to “dial in” the cutting blade for the Satellite and the Drone.

This instructional video shows you how to properly assemble the Satellite

See why the EZTRIM Satellite is the world’s best bud trimmer.

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