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The EZProcess Dry Sifter from EZTRIM is the best kief sifter on the market.


The EZPROCESS Dry Sifter from EZTRIM is the best pollinator and kief sifter on the market. The EZPROCESS Dry Sifter has the ability to hold 4 pounds of trim, is extremely durable and comes with 8 bubble bags with micron counts ranging from 45 – 220. The EZPROCESS Dry Sifter is far superior to the drum style sifters on the market. It can sift in 1 hour what it takes other products to do in 7 hours and additionally gives you various grades of kief for processing

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Sift kief from up to 4lbs of material at once at the micron level of your choosing with just the flip of a switch. Customization and ease of use make this the connoisseur’s choice among dry sifters.


  • 6 different micron bags from 45-180 along with 2 different classifier bags
  • Sifts up to 4lbs at once
  • Easy to load, unload, and operate
  • Up to 30% yields



  • 120 volts
  • 2.5 amps/30watts

Size / Weight

  • 15″ x 15″ x 30″
  • Weighs only 40lbs


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The EZProcess Dry Sifter comes with everything you need to get started. Call and order your Dry Sifter today at (303) 635-6281.

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The EZProcess Dry Sifter comes with everything you need to get started. Call and order your Dry Sifter today at (303) 635-6281.

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