The Wander Trimmer combines the precision of hand trim with the efficiency of a commercial leaf trimmer. The Wander Trimmer will cut 60 – 80% of your trim time, won’t damage your flowers, collects all of your clipped leaf for processing and allows you to hang-dry your plants.

The Wander Trimmer connects to any wet/dry vacuum (although we recommend the bucket head). The suction from the vacuum pulls the leaf away from the flower while the blade inside the wand spins and cuts the leaf

The speed of the blade and the suction from the vacuum can be adjusted to accommodate different strains, and trimming crow’s feet is a breeze.

The Wand can trim 3-5 lbs/hr in wet weight which usually equates to about 1lb/hr after it dries. It is often said that the wand trims better than scissors