The Ez Trimmer removes unwanted leaves from cannabis and hemp flowers and is the only solution that delivers trim quality that surpasses manual methods. The key to the Ez Trimmers superiority, is that it allows the user to adjust the way in which it trims, for wet and dry product, as well as different strains, sizes, and growing methods. The Ez Trimmer is not only quiet, lightweight, and filters your trim, it has the following unique adjustable controls, that make it second to none: Flower Movement, rotation and separation, Wet and Dry Trimming, batch time, and Trim Collection

Multiple Ez Trimmers provide advantages to a single larger trimmer:

  • 1 person can easily operate 4 Ez Trimmers
  • Redundancy
  • Trim multiple strains simultaneously
  • Adjust the trimming dynamics as needed for different strains and moisture levels simultaneously

The Ez Trimmer has a fan blade directly below the cutting blade that does several things. First, the fan blade creates suction to pull the leaf down through the grate and into the filtration bags. Second, it creates a controllable vortex of air that assists in moving and dispersing the product along the grate as it’s trimmed. Lastly, it agitates the clipped leaf in the filtration bags, helping to remove the trichomes as they are filtered through the bags. The suction and airflow created by the fan blade is controlled using the airflow controller and by the two inner lids on the top of the machine. Adjusting the airflow properly is key to achieving an efficient trim cycle and eliminating potential damage. The two inner lids can be opened or closed, to increase or decrease air flow and suction. With one or both inner lids open, the suction will increase, and the airflow will decrease. This allows you to create stronger airflow for the movement of wet or heavier product or less airflow, and more suction, for slowing down the movement of dry or delicate product. The airflow controller is used to prop open the back inner lid, allowing you to fine tune the amount of airflow and suction. Adjust the airflow controller according to the strain, size, and density of the wet or dried product. The air flow is considered properly adjusted when it predominately moves the product around the grate, while still allowing the silicone fingers to separate and roll the product. Properly adjusting the airflow and suction eliminates excessive handling and friction.

The rotating soft silicone fingers and delicate brushes are used to help separate and roll the product along the grate. Both the direction and speed can be controlled. Slowing down the brushes will minimize agitation on delicate product, while running the brushes on higher speeds, or in reverse – which is the opposite direction of the airflow, can create more agitation, and quicker trim cycles. The goal is to adjust the brushes, and the airflow, so that the product is being moved by the air, then rolled and separated by the brushes. Wet flowers, and specific dry strains, require more agitation than others, and thus, require the brushes to be run at higher speeds. Typically, we recommend that you run the brushes in the forward direction, and at higher speeds. Again, this is something you will want to adjust based on whether you are trimming wet or dry product, as well as for different strains and densities. Properly adjusting the rotation and separation will reduce batch times.



Wet and Dry Grates:

To accommodate trimming both wet and dried flowers, the Ez Trimmer comes standard with a wet grate and dry grate. The surface of the grates have openings that allow the suction to pull the leaves down through the grate, and then into the trim collection bags. The size of the openings is larger for wet trimming and smaller for dry trimming. The dry grate with smaller openings ensures that dried flowers do not break apart or fall through the grate during trimming. The wet grate, with the larger openings, ensures that the leaves of fresh flowers pass through the openings and receive a close trim from the cutting blade. Optionally, dried flowers that aren’t quite dry enough for the dry grate, can sometimes be trimmed using the wet grate.

Cutting Blade:

The cutting blade can be raised and lowered to accommodate trimming. The cutting blade needs to be raised to its closest point for wet trimming and should be removed for dry trimming. As with all dry trimmers, the leaves are trimmed by way of friction and agitation and not by a cutting blade. When dry trimming, the cutting blade only trims the flowers stems, and minces the leaf. We recommend removing the cutting blade prior to dry trimming in order to avoid mincing the trim too fine.

Controlling the amount of time the flowers are in the trimmer is imperative to producing quality results. With other trimmers, you put the product in one end, and then you don’t really know how well it has been trimmed until it comes out the other end. The Ez Trimmer allows you to watch the product as it is being trimmed and adjust cycle times based on what you see during each batch. Every strain and batch are different, so it is important to adjust accordingly. Proper batch time control ensures that flowers do not get over or under trimmed.

Batch time is what separates the Ez Trimmer from tunnel-style trimmers. As opposed to tunnel-style trimmers where the flowers are only being trimmed in a very narrow section of the cylinder(s), the Ez Trimmer allows the flowers to maintain constant contact with the entire cutting surface. These shorter batch times are what gives you more control over the trimming process.

Our patented and unique filtration system comes with four collection bags with varying micron levels for separating and collecting the leaf as it’s trimmed. The first bag collects the larger leaf and stem, containing and separating the heavier chlorophyll-based product. The second bag collects your sweet leaf and is excellent for extraction and pre-rolls. The third bag is your B grade keif, and the fourth bag is your A grade keif. Separating the trim and keif, can create more control over potency levels when extracting. These bags can also be utilized as a dry sifter. Properly utilizing the trim collection will eliminate waste, improve potency and profitability of your concentrates. Optionally, you can use just the 1st bag and 4th bag and allow the sugar trim and keif to collect in the same bag,

“When the Ez Trimmer’s components are adjusted properly and well grown flowers are properly dried and prepped, the expected results should be superior quality to manual methods, and in half the time, and with half the staff.” – Joe Black – Owner, Founder and President of Ez Trim