Drying Rack (Trays or Hanging)


Drying your product slowly in a humidity controlled environment improves the smell and taste of your

The Dry Racks can be utilized for both tray drying for the wet trim process, or hang drying
individual stems for the dry trim process.

The Dry Racks are meant to be used in facilities that already have a stabilized climates and a dedicated
drying room. The Drying Racks give you increase capacity in a smaller footprint in comparison to other
methods. We prefer and recommend using our drying cabinets and or tents to increase control of drying
schedule, isolate strains, and reduce risks associated with drying all of your product in one large room.


Hanging Racks (4 levels) – $1500

Bud Trays (20 level and 60 trays) – $3500

Fabric – $40

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Dry Racks Instructional Manuals

  • Dry Trim Process – Each rack can hold roughly 1-2 plants (3 racks per tier x 4 tiers = 12 hanging rack inserts)
  • Hang the freshly individualized stems on the hanging racks and insert into the racks
  • In order to fit more product into the rack cut the stems to shorter lengths, this will allow you to increase the number of tiers possible
  • Be sure to check the product daily
  • Note: The picture only shows 3 of the 4 standard tiers

Weight: 90 lbs.

Ship weight: 120 lbs.

Assembled Dimensions: 56″L x 29″W x 74″H

Ship Dimensions: 60″L x 32″W x 79″H

Capacity with 4 Tiers: 50 lbs.

MSRP with 4 Tiers: $ 1,500.00

  • Wet Trim Process – Each tray can hold roughly .83 pounds (3 trays per tier x 20 tiers = 60 Trays)
  • Place the freshly trimmed flowers onto the trays and spread the product out very thin and place the tray into the cabinet
  • Do not stack the product on top of itself

Weight: 115 lbs.

Ship weight: 145 lbs.

Assembled Dimensions: 56″L x 29″W x 74″H

Ship Dimensions: 60″L x 32″W x 79″H

Capacity: 40lbs

MSRP: $ 3,500

Materials Exposed to Plants:

Aluminum 6061 – FG; Stainless Steel – FG

UL Certified Components:




  • The Dry Racks come in 3 different styles: Hang dry, Tray dry and mesh dry
  • The hang dry rack holds up to 20 plants and comes with 12 individual hanging rack inserts, you can optionally purchase the hanging rack insert holder to assist you in preparing the plants for the rack
  • The tray dry rack has 20 tiers, holds up to 50 pounds of dried product, and comes with 60 trays for drying
  • Each tray holds roughly .83 lbs and there are three trays to a tier
  • The fabric mesh racks have 5 tiers, hold 2 pounds

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