We here at Ez Trim are committed to the success of everyone who purchases our equipment. Whether it be one product, a complete system of equipment, or multiple systems, we want to make sure that you know we’re available to you. Feel free to explore the different levels of personalized guidance included at different purchasing tiers, whether it’s on site or over the phone. Please reach out to us via the consultation hotline on the contact page if you have any questions!

“Ez Trim’s harvesting system provides SUPERIOR PRESENTATION AND POTENCY OVER MANUAL TRIMMING METHODS when the components are adjusted accurately and quality plants are properly prepped.”

– Joe Black, Inventor, Founder & Current President of Ez Trim Harvesting

Please contact us if you are not experiencing these results. We know we can help!!!

Check out our Shuck to Shelf SOP for instructions on the use and maintenance of the Ez Trimmer.

Needs Analysis: Free for everyone at all times


Phone Consultation: Free for all clients at all times


Onsite Implementation: Free for clients who purchase at least $21,000 worth of our equipment

– A la carte $1500 in Colorado, $2000 in continental US, $2500 in Canada, Mexico, Alaska and Hawaii, $3000 in the Caribbean. 


Project Management: Free or significantly discounted for clients who purchase at least $100,000 worth of our products

Needs analyses are typically done over the phone. We will discuss your current methods for harvesting, drying, and processing as well as your any pertinent statistics that might inform your purchase. From there we will align you with the proper equipment that fits your budget and scale. Initial consultations can range from a quick quote to an in-depth analysis of your operational needs.

This initial consultation will give you the tools and the confidence needed to select the right equipment and partner for your harvest. We love what we do and we love exchanging knowledge with everyone who calls.

An Onsite Implementation involves a senior employee at Ez Trim traveling to your facility to analyze your harvest needs directly with you. Together, we will assess your current harvesting procedures from shuck to shelf.  

Our purpose will be to train your staff on the use and maintenance of the equipment as well as discerning how best to implement our systems in concert with your harvesting workflow in order to maximize your efficiency and profitability.

An implementation can last anywhere from 1-6 hours depending on individual needs. We will literally fly across the country for just an hour of facetime with anyone that buys our full system of equipment because we know how valuable that visit can be. 

Onsite Implementations are a great way to build a strong relationship between important members of our respective teams. They also help to guarantee your success. Our system works every single time as long as it is properly applied.

Harvesting situations can at times be so overwhelming or unfamiliar to cultivators that it calls for us to offer more hands-on direction rather than general guidance. We have plenty of experience constructing harvesting systems from scratch as well as managing harvesting projects through completion. Reach out to our consultation hotline on our contact page to go over your situation with us and request a quote.