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CannTrust Wander Trimmer Review

Everybody is in love with the EZTRIM Wander Trimmer. Call today and ask how you can start trimming over a pound in under an hour.

How to Operate the Wander Trimmer

This instructional video shows you how to properly operate the Wander Trimmer.

How to Assemble the Wander Trimmer by EZTRIM

This instructional video shows you how to properly assemble the Wander Trimmer.

How to Replace the Fuse on the Wander Trimmer

Learn to replace the Wander Trimmer main fuse.

How to Lubricate/Replace the Flexible Shaft

Learn how to lubricate/replace the flexible shaft for the Wander Trimmer.

How to Disassemble and Reassemble the Wand

Learn how to take apart the wand assembly, identify it’s components and reassemble wand.

How to Clean the Wander Trimmer

This video shows you how to easily clean the Wander Trimmer.

Wander Trimmer by EZTRIM | Only NO DAMAGE Bud Trimmer

See the only NO DAMAGE bud trimmer in action.

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