The key to a successful, and profitable harvest is to reduce the amount of touch up required prior to packaging.  

Regardless of the trimming equipment you are currently using or the size of your harvest, if you must touch up 70-80% of the buds prior to packaging, you are not harvesting as efficiently as you could be.

Ez Trim is a Colorado based company that for the last 12 years has developed harvesting equipment and systems that reduce the touch up process from 70-80% down to 30-50%.

Whether you prefer to trim wet or dry, have a large staff or small, our products and services can be tailored to compliment your unique situation and current resources. 

When you factor all the steps of the harvesting process, including: defanning, cutting, weighing, drying, bucking, trimming, touching up, curing and packaging. Reducing the handling through this process is what increases profitability.

Ask yourself, if there was a company that provided equipment and systems, that cost less, produced better bud quality, offered onsite consulting, was built by growers, and had a money back guarantee, would you have anything to lose? 

  • We have over 12 years of experience with proven, scalable systems
  • We deliver short lead times & live support 7 days a week
  • We provide on-site training & consulting
  • We achieve top-shelf quality
  • We save you half the time and half the cost

The best equipment with the best systems deliver the best results

“Ez Trim’s harvesting system provides SUPERIOR PRESENTATION AND POTENCY OVER MANUAL TRIMMING METHODS when the components are adjusted accurately and quality plants are properly prepped.”

– Joe Black, Inventor, Founder & Current President of Ez Trim Harvesting

Please contact us if you are not experiencing these results. We know we can help!!!

What do we offer as a company?

Elite harvesting equipment as well as expert consulting and harvesting services

How does our equipment enable our clients to emulate and surpass the quality cut achieved during a manual harvest?

By designing gentle equipment which offers the user enough control to react to the way the product is being handled. We also developed drying and curing processes which blend widely used practices with the needs of our machines.

Given the quality of the cut, can the equipment still keep up the pace with competing equipment?

All of our equipment is just as fast, if not significantly faster than the competition.

How reliable is our customer service?

We make ourselves available through a variety of channels most hours throughout the day, those working directly with an Ez Trim rep have someone available pretty much 24/7. We also back our equipment and system enough to show up on site to teach our methods.

Joe Black – Founder & President

Joe founded Ez Trim in 2010 and has been the main operator and inventor ever since. He is still often found in the trenches for manufacturing and consultation.

Dave Zobl – CEO

Dave has been with the company since 2018 after a long career in media and is often a direct line of communication for clients.

Laura Ortiz – CFO & H.R. 

Laura has been with the company since 2016 and takes care of our accounting, shipping, human resources, compliance, and vendor relationships.

Ryan Vanwy – Director of Sales

Ryan has been with Ez Trim since 2018 after owning his own trim machine rental company. Ryan is the main point of contact for researching our products, ordering equipment, and staying in touch with us after your purchase.

James Dietiker – Warehouse Director

James has been with Ez Trim since 2012 and oversees everything that is built in our facility.