How To Start Planning A Cannabis Harvest

It’s never too early to start planning your harvest, make time your friend! The following is a list of details and resources to consider during your initial consultation with an Ez Trim harvesting expert. A complimentary 5 minute phone call could save you hours of research. Allow us to point you in the right direction, regardless of the equipment you use. We are pioneering this industry together, collaboration will be key for all of us as we move forward.

  1. Size of Operation
    1. Number of Facilities
    2. Size of Facilities
    3. Plant counts
    4. Harvest Frequency
    5. Volume per Harvest
  2. Available resources for your harvest
    1. Labor
    2. Equipment
    3. Drying/trimming space
    4. Budget
    5. Time/schedule
    6. Enviromental Controls
  3. “The harvest game plan”
    1. Quality & Efficiency balance
    2. Flower vs extraction vs pre-roll allocation
    3. Necessary equipment for final product
      1. i.e. shuckers, trimmers, sorters
    4. Packaging & Distribution

Call Jason, our lead harvesting consultant at 720-520-2687 for more information.