Choosing Between Wet & Dry Trimming

Our opinions on wet versus dry trimming are usually the first thing we are asked about. There is a lot of unreliable info out there and growers usually swear by one or the other. There are varying opinions even within Ez Trim. What we can tell you for sure is that both can work well for you if you follow the processes properly and that all of our equipment is designed to handle both with precision and speed. The graphic below is meant to be a quick overview of the pros and cons of each process to offer some guidance as you decide what is right for your operation.

Call our lead harvesting consultant Jason Stier at 720-520-2687 if you have any questions.

Why Wet Trim?

The buds are less susceptible to damage

Less space is required for drying

Less time spent hanging up and taking down plants

No interruptions in the harvesting work flow

Less risk of under/over drying

Why Dry Trim?

Bucking/Trimming can be done at your convenience

Trimmer cycle times are faster

Trim/Sugar leaf quality is usually better

It’s easier to get higher terpene content

Eliminates bud flattening during drying and curing